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Capturing customer feedback is a valuable but very tedious process

Let’s be honest, not many people want to spend 30 minutes to fill out a three-page customer feedback form. Sparked by our work in the mobile applications field, we strongly belief that businesses should have a simple tool to capture instant mobile customer feedback anywhere and in real time.

Online survey platforms have eased the way in the past years

There are several companies which already offer valuable support for businesses to collect customer insight. To name a few, companies such as Survey Monkey ( or Polldaddy ( make it really easy to create, distribute and analyze customer surveys in the online world. However, how high is the barrier for customers to rate a meal online after having eaten in a restaurant? We need solutions that connect the real world with the online world through the mobile world.

Mobile surveys are emerging as a new channel

Smartphones are with us every day and as Nielson reports, smartphone penetration in the U.S. is at least 28 percent and rising, accounting for 41 percent of new phone purchases in Q3 2010. In order to participate in this trend, traditional as well as online survey firms such as Polldaddy or OpinionMeter ( have already developed iPhone apps to capture the mobile space. In addition new companies such as survey on the spot ( are making use of new mobile technologies and smartphones to deliver customer feedback to businesses.

However they need to be conducted in different ways

Giving instant feedback should not take more than five minutes. For mobile surveys to succeed they need to offer customers a very easy and user-friendly way to provide feedback. We want to help businesses getting better insight by offering their customers a frictionless platform to give feedback through their mobile devices.

In order to reap the benefits mobile feedback loops

There are several advantages of using mobile surveys or customer feedback forms in order to gain true customer insight:

  • Receipt of instant feedback
  • Keeping customers engaged with the brand
  • Offering an innovative and user-friendly way to provide feedback
  • Generate higher response rates

Stay tuned

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