Picture Link now with video integration

Picture Link iPad application now supports the integration of videos. Enclosed you find the step-by-step instructions in order to integrate videos in Picture Link.

1) You need to have a .mov video in the photo library of your iPad in order to incorporate it into Picture Link.
2) You can import videos to your iPad by using iTunes and syncing the folder where you have placed the videos on your computer with the photo library of your iPad. The checkbox “Include Videos” must be enabled. Now the videos are on your iPad.
3) Then go into Picture Link Lite and Press the “+” button on the top navigation bar. There you will find a selection of pictures and also videos indicated by a little video symbol.
4) When pressing on a video, the video will be incorporated in the Picture Link and can be linked similarly to images.
5) By going into the edit picture mode or the full screen mode of the video, you will find a play button which will start the video.

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