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We increasingly see iPads being used to hold presentations. On conferences as well as one-to-one presentations the iPad has proven to be an ideal companion and an innovative tool to get your point across to your audience.

Therefore, many businesses are now starting to equip their sales force to conduct presentations and CRM activities through the slim device. Teachers use iPads in school for interactive show and tell presentations, architects have all their plans on the device while they are at the building site, etc.

The advantages are pretty obvious. The iPad allows for the integration of all media types from simple pdf presentations to videos and animations. No need to carry heavy-weight paper print-outs with you. All the necessary data is on your iPad and can be accessed through a tap of your fingers.

In addition, a whole new way of presenting is emerging. Presentations can be far more interactive. Also, while laptops often created an unnatural barrier in one-to-one presentations, the way two people interact with an iPad is far more integrative.

Mashable has already compiled an excellent list of 11 apps for presenting, however there are many more apps out there serving specific purposes. This list below shall be seen in addition to the one of Mashable. Please let us know if you know any additional apps:

  • Prezi: Many of you might be familiar with The viewer allows for non-linear prezi presentations on your iPad
  • Minimal Folio: A nicely designed app to show images, videos and pdfs with a very innovative user interface
  • Presentation Link (our app): Allows you to hold interactive, non-linear presentations by defining hotspot areas that link to other slides
  • Pdf-notes: Albeit being an app focused on annotations, the developer has figured out a way to render pdfs in an excellent manner that allows for easy browsing
  • SlideJockey: For professional speakers, the app allows for true interaction with your audience
  • Present Pad: Similar grid view as Minimal Folio and the ability to easily jump to relevant slides
  • Conference Pad: Let’s you control your presentation on up to 15 devices through Bluetooth and Wifi
  • ActiveDeck: An easy-to-use tool for allowing audience members to interact with a PowerPoint presentation via iPads

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