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Conviction: We strongly believe that the current developments in the mobile communications space will have an extraordinary impact on the way societies, businesses and individuals will act and interact in the future. These developments are bound to lead to new, highly succesful business models and a significant rethinking of existing business models.

Action: Against this context we aim to shape this future by developing mobile applications that make our future lifes easier and enriched. We develop, invest in and support the design of mobile applications for all platforms including Apple, Google, RIM and Nokia. We develop apps that run on the iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Blackberry‘s and other smartphones.

Method: The focus is to realize apps that are „zuhanden“, a term borrowed from the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. “Zuhanden” can be translated by ready-at-hand and in our interpretation means to develop apps that are purposeful, simple, contextual and effective. We focus on solutions that will shape the modern world of mobility.

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