Connecting to your Mac

1) Prepare Mac for connection Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 16.41.29

  • Open Systems preferences app
  • Select Sharing
  • In the left panel tick File Sharing
  • Under Shared Folders add a folder you wish to access by pressing the + sign
  • Press on options and make sure that Share files and folders using SMB is ticked
  • Then press done

2) Get the info you need from your Mac 

  • Get computer  name
  • Press on edit in the top section called Computer Name
  • This is the name you need to type in when Type in the address in the field host on your iOS device
  • Get User Name
  • Press on option on the right
  • In the middle your user name is shown

3) Connect your iOS device  

  • Select Connect to Mac in your home panel
  • In the host field : Type your computer name as displayed under 2)
  • In the user field: Type your user name as displayed under 2)
  • In the password: Type in the password you use when logging into your Mac
  • Press Connect at the top right
  • You should now be able to browse and view the files on your Mac