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Presentation Link – Demo video

We are approaching the finishing line in programming Presentation Link. Above you can find the introduction video to the iPad app. With Presentation Link you can seamlessly mash pdfs, images, videos and web content into a truly touch-enabled, mobile presentation

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FlipBooks – Turn your iPhone videos into fantastic flipbooks

In the Apple approval process now. Waiting eagerly to get it out there. Flip through your videos and you will see your world from a magical angle. Also try flipping backwards, it’s awesome and sometimes hilarious at the same time.

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Wimmel App Funfair – Awesome game for children on the iPhone and iPad

Explore the funfair and search for animals and people. Once you found a character, tap on it and you will see fabulous animations In implementing the Wimmel app we paid special attention to a very natural and “real” adaptation of

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Best presentation apps for the iPad

We increasingly see iPads being used to hold presentations. On conferences as well as one-to-one presentations the iPad has proven to be an ideal companion and an innovative tool to get your point across to your audience. Therefore, many businesses

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Hundeschule App is now also available for Android

Find the Hundeschule App on the Android Market and start optimizing the communication with your dog.

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Entwicklung Ihrer iPhone App zu sehr geringen Kosten

Sie wollen mit Ihrer persönlichen App auf das iPhone und das Ganze kostengünstig und effizient? Kein Problem! Wir können zu unschlagbaren Preisen entwickeln, da wir auf bestehende App-Baukästen aufsetzen. Warum soll man in Zeiten in denen iPhone Programmierer rar und

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Hundeschule App for iPhone

The Hundeschule app gives dog owners valuable tips how to improve the communication with their dog and also illustrates the most common pitfalls in the interaction with our best friend.

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Wimmel App is now live on App Store and ranks place 1 in children games in Germany

The makers of the Wimmel-App grew up with the famous, Wimmelbilderbücher‘ (which roughly translates as ,teeming-picture books‘). In Germany, they have been a well-known source of entertainment for children from about 18 months. Today, these books have fallen a little

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Picture Link now with video integration

Picture Link iPad application now supports the integration of videos. Enclosed you find the step-by-step instructions in order to integrate videos in Picture Link. 1) You need to have a .mov video in the photo library of your iPad in

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Views on mobile feedback

Capturing customer feedback is a valuable but very tedious process Let’s be honest, not many people want to spend 30 minutes to fill out a three-page customer feedback form. Sparked by our work in the mobile applications field, we strongly

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