File Manager App for iPad and iPhone

Happy to announce that our newest app called “File Manager App” has landed on the App Store and it is doing great! File Manager is the ultimate app to download, organize and view all your files on your iPhone or

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New release of Presentation Link: Lock presentation to prevent editing

You can now lock presentation to prevent other users to edit presentations that were created with Presentation Link. Simply tap on the name of the presentation and then on the lock icon and you will be able to password-protect the

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Alarm Clock on the App Store

There are thousands of alarm clocks available on the App Store, but none has the simplicity, functions and style of alarm clock. The clock really focuses on the essentials. One Touch Interface With just one touch you can turn your

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Presentation Link video and audio update

In the coming days our new release 1.4 will be available on the App Store. New features include: Possibility to record your voice Share your presentation via YouTube New video player with controls Improvements to the user interface

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Presentation Viewer for iPhone released on App Store

Presentation Viewer for iPhone is the ideal companion for presentations on the go. Have your presentations at your fingertips. Anywhere and anytime! ***** FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ***** A MUST HAVE FOR PRESENTERS Presentation Viewer allows you to mash

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Presentation Link now with iPad Kiosk function

The new 1.2 release of Presentation Link has incorporated some awesome features including the Kiosk Mode. The Kiosk Mode allows you to show your presentations to an audience via iPad stands. The great thing is that users will not be

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Great presentations series #2

Being smart and authentic. We love it.

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Five tips for presentations on the iPad

The iPad is a great tool for presentations. Some of the advantages are obvious such as portability, the gorgeous screen, long battery life, media capabilities, etc. Others are less apparent, but their impact might be even deeper. The iPad truly

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Great presentations series

One of the best presentations we have ever seen. Hans Rosling’s talk at TED is truly informative and extremely engaging. When Hans explores trends in health and economics, stats come to vivid life. Also the use of the extravagant pointer

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Presentation Link team says thank you!

We are really thrilled by your support and the great feedback we have received. A special thanks also to our beta testers which provided very valuable advice prior to our launch on the App Store. Thanks so much. The most

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