Presentation Link – Demo video

We are approaching the finishing line in programming Presentation Link. Above you can find the introduction video to the iPad app.

With Presentation Link you can seamlessly mash pdfs, images, videos and web content into a truly touch-enabled, mobile presentation experience.

Whether you use your iPad for one-to-one presentations or in front of a large audience, Presentation Link will always be a reliable companion for bringing your point across. The smart pre-rendering in the app ensures that the slides are at your fingertips when you need them, not a second later. The app also works great with extremely large presentations or high resolution images and videos. Presentation Links can easily be shared with your audience, customers or fellow workers using Dropbox, email or iTunes shared folder. VGA and HDMI output allows you to show your presentation to a larger audience via an external screen, TV or projector.

The key feature however is the ability to set hyperlinks that allow you to seamlessly mash pdfs, images, videos and web content right on your iPad. With just a few taps your presentations will become truly interactive and engaging. The strength of Presentation Link really comes to play in real-time or non-linear presentations such as sales pitches or show and tell presentations.

We agree with one of our users: “Presentation Link is like a Hypercard for presentations on the iPad and a must-have for every presenter”

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FlipBooks – Turn your iPhone videos into fantastic flipbooks

In the Apple approval process now. Waiting eagerly to get it out there.

Flip through your videos and you will see your world from a magical angle. Also try flipping backwards, it’s awesome and sometimes hilarious at the same time.


  • Turn your iPhone videos into flipbooks
  • Use existing movies or take new videos
  • Flip backwards and forwards
  • Swipe with your fingers or play flipbook via autoplay
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Wimmel App Funfair – Awesome game for children on the iPhone and iPad

Explore the funfair and search for animals and people. Once you found a character, tap on it and you will see fabulous animations

In implementing the Wimmel app we paid special attention to a very natural and “real” adaptation of the traditional Wimmel pictures. The illustrations were drawn and coloured by hand – in the good old-fashioned manner.

  • Three beautiful hand-drawn environments to explore
  • A different game each time you play, as hidden characters are on different spots
  • Incredible, handcrafted artwork and a beautiful soundtrack
  • Awesome finding fun for the whole family

Available on iTunes and more information on

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Best presentation apps for the iPad

We increasingly see iPads being used to hold presentations. On conferences as well as one-to-one presentations the iPad has proven to be an ideal companion and an innovative tool to get your point across to your audience.

Therefore, many businesses are now starting to equip their sales force to conduct presentations and CRM activities through the slim device. Teachers use iPads in school for interactive show and tell presentations, architects have all their plans on the device while they are at the building site, etc.

The advantages are pretty obvious. The iPad allows for the integration of all media types from simple pdf presentations to videos and animations. No need to carry heavy-weight paper print-outs with you. All the necessary data is on your iPad and can be accessed through a tap of your fingers.

In addition, a whole new way of presenting is emerging. Presentations can be far more interactive. Also, while laptops often created an unnatural barrier in one-to-one presentations, the way two people interact with an iPad is far more integrative.

Mashable has already compiled an excellent list of 11 apps for presenting, however there are many more apps out there serving specific purposes. This list below shall be seen in addition to the one of Mashable. Please let us know if you know any additional apps:

  • Prezi: Many of you might be familiar with The viewer allows for non-linear prezi presentations on your iPad
  • Minimal Folio: A nicely designed app to show images, videos and pdfs with a very innovative user interface
  • Presentation Link (our app): Allows you to hold interactive, non-linear presentations by defining hotspot areas that link to other slides
  • Pdf-notes: Albeit being an app focused on annotations, the developer has figured out a way to render pdfs in an excellent manner that allows for easy browsing
  • SlideJockey: For professional speakers, the app allows for true interaction with your audience
  • Present Pad: Similar grid view as Minimal Folio and the ability to easily jump to relevant slides
  • Conference Pad: Let’s you control your presentation on up to 15 devices through Bluetooth and Wifi
  • ActiveDeck: An easy-to-use tool for allowing audience members to interact with a PowerPoint presentation via iPads

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Hundeschule App is now also available for Android

Find the Hundeschule App on the Android Market and start optimizing the communication with your dog.

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Entwicklung Ihrer iPhone App zu sehr geringen Kosten

Sie wollen mit Ihrer persönlichen App auf das iPhone und das Ganze kostengünstig und effizient? Kein Problem!

Wir können zu unschlagbaren Preisen entwickeln, da wir auf bestehende App-Baukästen aufsetzen. Warum soll man in Zeiten in denen iPhone Programmierer rar und teuer sind das Rad immer wieder neu erfinden. Die vorhandenen web-basierten Baukästen bieten alle gängigen App-Komponenten, die sowohl gestalterisch als auch inhaltlich auf Ihre persönlichen Bedürfnisse abgestimmt werden können.

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Hundeschule App for iPhone

The Hundeschule app gives dog owners valuable tips how to improve the communication with their dog and also illustrates the most common pitfalls in the interaction with our best friend.

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Wimmel App is now live on App Store and ranks place 1 in children games in Germany

The makers of the Wimmel-App grew up with the famous, Wimmelbilderbücher‘ (which roughly translates as ,teeming-picture books‘).

In Germany, they have been a well-known source of entertainment for children from about 18 months. Today, these books have fallen a little bit out of fashion, while we still like to remember those good times in which our imagination and our spirit of exploration were inspired by the small painted worlds. Nowadays, even the youngest are intrigued by new electronic media, so the idea was quite obvious to transfer this valuable pedagogical childhood memory onto a modern medium that is characterized primarily by its tangible and easy operation.

As opposed to most of the apps and software solutions for children today, we deliberately focused on a very natural and real adaption of the ,Wimmelpictures‘. The illustrations in the app come from the Augsburg-based illustrator Martin Hartmann. They all have been drawn and colored by hand – quite the old-fashioned way. Computers were only used for the finishing process, and to eventually transfer the application to the iPad.

Check it out on

pfeiffer design group (

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Picture Link now with video integration

Picture Link iPad application now supports the integration of videos. Enclosed you find the step-by-step instructions in order to integrate videos in Picture Link.

1) You need to have a .mov video in the photo library of your iPad in order to incorporate it into Picture Link.
2) You can import videos to your iPad by using iTunes and syncing the folder where you have placed the videos on your computer with the photo library of your iPad. The checkbox “Include Videos” must be enabled. Now the videos are on your iPad.
3) Then go into Picture Link Lite and Press the “+” button on the top navigation bar. There you will find a selection of pictures and also videos indicated by a little video symbol.
4) When pressing on a video, the video will be incorporated in the Picture Link and can be linked similarly to images.
5) By going into the edit picture mode or the full screen mode of the video, you will find a play button which will start the video.

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Views on mobile feedback

Capturing customer feedback is a valuable but very tedious process

Let’s be honest, not many people want to spend 30 minutes to fill out a three-page customer feedback form. Sparked by our work in the mobile applications field, we strongly belief that businesses should have a simple tool to capture instant mobile customer feedback anywhere and in real time.

Online survey platforms have eased the way in the past years

There are several companies which already offer valuable support for businesses to collect customer insight. To name a few, companies such as Survey Monkey ( or Polldaddy ( make it really easy to create, distribute and analyze customer surveys in the online world. However, how high is the barrier for customers to rate a meal online after having eaten in a restaurant? We need solutions that connect the real world with the online world through the mobile world.

Mobile surveys are emerging as a new channel

Smartphones are with us every day and as Nielson reports, smartphone penetration in the U.S. is at least 28 percent and rising, accounting for 41 percent of new phone purchases in Q3 2010. In order to participate in this trend, traditional as well as online survey firms such as Polldaddy or OpinionMeter ( have already developed iPhone apps to capture the mobile space. In addition new companies such as survey on the spot ( are making use of new mobile technologies and smartphones to deliver customer feedback to businesses.

However they need to be conducted in different ways

Giving instant feedback should not take more than five minutes. For mobile surveys to succeed they need to offer customers a very easy and user-friendly way to provide feedback. We want to help businesses getting better insight by offering their customers a frictionless platform to give feedback through their mobile devices.

In order to reap the benefits mobile feedback loops

There are several advantages of using mobile surveys or customer feedback forms in order to gain true customer insight:

  • Receipt of instant feedback
  • Keeping customers engaged with the brand
  • Offering an innovative and user-friendly way to provide feedback
  • Generate higher response rates

Stay tuned

We are developing our platform. If you have any question right now, please do not hesitate to contact us on

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