Now on the App Store: FlipBooksTurn your iPhone videos into fantastic flipbooks. Flip through your videos and you will see your world from a magical angle. Also try flipping backwards, it’s awesome and sometimes hilarious at the same time 

We develop iPhone and Android apps. The apps are targeted at several industries, but always with the same intention in mind. Making current tasks more simple and creating new ways of doing things. The apps we program are mainly targeted at business customers. A selection of apps is presented  in the apps section.

Investing: There are many developers with great ideas and it is easy to develop an app without any support. However, in order to have a significant impact either in terms of use case or ranking of the app in the relevant appstore, many more activities are needed. We provide seed capital to allow for activities, such as marketing and website development or just to cover the opportunity costs and we do that on fair conditions.

Consulting: There are a vast amount of opportunities for companies to engage in mobile business, but there are also pitfalls to consider when entering this market space. We offer strategic market insight and advice on the various platforms (Apple iPhone, Google Android, etc.), business models for apps (free, paid, freemium, etc.) or ways of app distribution (native, web-based).

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