My Ways

My Ways (Overview, Feedback)

** Track your way **
** Explore your path **
** Understand your life **

Ever wondered where you have been two weeks ago? When you last were at a certain place? How much time you spend at different place? What distance you moved? Find out more about your life by constantly recording your location with My Ways. Go back in time and explore places you have been to. The longer you keep tracking, the more insights you will gain. You will be surprised. Download it today and start creating the path of your life.


  • Continuously record your location on a map
  • View your trails by days, weeks, months or year
  • Find places you have been to by exploring your personal traces on a map
  • See the distances you moved

The app works really simple:

  • It runs in the background
  • In order to save battery, the app switches between different modes of localization
  • Places you spend a lot of time are automatically created
  • The location data is only stored on your device, without a limit of how far you want to go back in time

Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Feedback appreciated! Please help us to improve My Ways by answering the following four questions.

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